dispatching over the Internet Print
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 20:13

Vdd dispatched over the InternetIt is now possible to visualize and use VDD desktops directly inside your browser. We have tested a number of methods and protocols to enable this feature. We evaluated VNC, RDesktop and X. VNC proved the best in terms of compression and performance. At first we chose to provide a VNC client to VDD users. We then prefered to directly resort to a web browser. So we used a VNC plugin for firefox, mozilla-gtk-vnc. We developed a simple Web GUI (see figure) and deply it on a web server on the VDD server. So just by clicking on your favourite desktop, you can see it projected directly into your browser. It is possibile to open multiple browser tabs, thus making switching among desktops confortable. We also produced a short video that shows all this.

Of course, in order to use this feature with a decent or at least acceptable performance, VDD server should be located in a network provided with a quite high upload bandwidth (which is not the case of VDD developmentĀ  network, at the moment). ADSL connection services are not suitable for delivering this service on the Internet. At this page of the documentation, technical information on how to set up dispatching on the internet can be found.