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Cow, xen and lvm

COW may also be used as the underlying mechanism for snapshots provided by logical volume management


The use of logical volumes (instead of loop files) is now almost given for suggested. Loop files had a big advantage, i.e. the possibility of using "cow files". Now it is possible to make something similar with LVM.

There is a case in which using cow files is not just suggested, but necessary: it is the situation where one must use a virtual machine for every user, i.e. for windows xp virtualization (windows xp does not allow multiuser by default). In this case one could use loopfiles and cow-files, or try LVM2 snapshots, as explained in the link above. It has got an impact on performance, though. Any guess on how to avoid this?

By: davide lamanna On Thursday, 28 January 2010 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(31404)