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OS SelectionFinally the Graphical User Interface has been released.

A lot of considerations have been done up to here, before releasing such a GUI, since we had to find the best solution with respect to quality/easyness ratio. Zenity gave us the possibility to “export” complicate bash commands and scripts to the final user and to put them all in a slim and easy to use interface. As we stated in many circumstances, VDD configuration/administration is not easy, so a Graphical User Interface which helps people involved in this task is certainly a step forward.

This first release is intended to be a “launching ramp” for the GUI development. Actually, other solutions can be eventually considered, like GTK programming in different languages (eg. Python for the portability or C++ for the performances) as well as other improvements be made.

GUI flux diagram and source code can be found here. See also screenshots section. Here, more information on the related NLnet project work package.