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Clustering success and issue

following this how-to http://www.asplund.nu/xencluster/xen-cluster-howto.html , including troubleshooting and comments section, bring us to achieve success in clustering our VM.

the only difference is that we are working with more than one VM (3 at the moment)

everything is working fine: syncing of LV's, live migration of VM's when one node go down, etc ; everything but the fact that VM's auto-start on boot on BOTH nodes and NOT JUST on the first one.

based on the how-to, and mostly on the requested beahviour and done configurations, VM's are supposed to auto start only on the first node, unless this node is down.

we are encountering the same problem pointed out in the last comment to the above mentioned how-to ... still without answer.

By: Fabrizio Nasti On Monday, 05 October 2009 Comment Comments( 0 ) Hits Views(1975)