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X export/nesting with Xephyr

We decided to substitute the previously used Xnest with its designed replacement Xephyr http://www.freedesktop.org/wiki/Software/Xephyr


On VDD server (Xen Dom0)

root@serv1:~# apt-get install xephyr


On LTSP thin-client (it is like if we were on VDD server/Dom0), logged in as, let's say, user1, run:

user1@serv1:~$ Xephyr -ac :1 -fullscreen

The :1 set the X channel listening and waiting for remote connections. You could use - almost - any number you want.

On VM (Xen DomU) log in as a normal user - better if as the same user on LTSP thin client - export DISPLAY towards the chosen X channel of the server and launch the desired desktop environment.

Eg. for launching a KDE session on the lennyvm DomU, run:

root@serv1:~# ssh user1@lennyvm

user1@lennyvm:~$ export DISPLAY=
user1@lennyvm:~$ startkde